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Stylish, Modern Islamic Clothing Online For Women, Men and Kids

Are you tired of dull and boring traditional Islamic clothing that makes you look...well...a little dated? Welcome to Artizara, where you'll find  Islamic and Modest clothing that is trendy, fashionable and fun! We're so happy you're here.

Discover modern Islamic Clothing online at Artizara. Shop the Latest Hijab Fashion & Modest Dresses, Jilbabs, Abayas, Hijabs, Islamic Jewelry, Muslim Gifts and more...

Add to that our “100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee”, no-hassle returns, courteous customer service, money saving offers and rewards points program, and you will be wondering why you went scouring the stores for Islamic and Modest clothing in the first place! ...Read More

Live in it, work in it, play in it, we think that when you invest your money in a new Islamic Tunic Top, a Long Skirt, a pair of Loose Pants or even a wrap Hijab for that matter, you should be able to get seasons of wear out of it. That's why we design mostly all our Islamic fashions from scratch, with easy-care, no-fuss fabrics in colors that you can mix-and-match with with pieces you already have in your wardrobe. 

Who says dressing modestly means you have to look unattractive? We pride ourselves on creating Islamic attire that is modern, fashionable and versatile. Take the guesswork out of looking good. Pair our Islamic long tunics and tops with coordinated loose pants or a maxi skirt, top it with a vibrant wrap hijab, accessorize with some inspirational Islamic jewelry and voila! With looks that transition from school to work to an evening out, all your friends will be asking where you got your cool Islamic attire!

We're so glad you're here at Artizara. We promise to do whatever we can to make your shopping experience a smooth and enjoyable one.

What exactly is Islamic clothing, Muslim clothing or Islamic Attire?

That’s an interesting question, and one that has many different answers, depending on who you ask.  You could say that Islamic clothing is the same thing as Muslim clothing, which is clothing worn by people of the Islamic faith, also called Muslims. 

But is all clothing worn by Muslims, Islamic clothing?  And is all Islamic clothing, only worn by Muslims?  Not necessarily. Being a company that sells Islamic clothing for women, men and kids, we get asked such questions a lot. So we decided to take a journey and explore the Islamic clothing world, to shed some light on the matter.

Islam is the second most widely practiced religion in the world and also the fastest growing in terms of new converts, with 23% of the world’s population or about 1.6 billion adherents. While Muslims are most prevalent in Asia, followers of Islam are found in almost every country in the world. Although Islam began in Arabia, by 2002 80% of all Muslims lived outside the Arab world.

When you ask people not of the Muslim faith the question: ‘What is Islamic clothing?’  You get a description (mostly based on media portrayals) that generally matches traditional/ethnic Arab dress. People will usually talk about loose long caftans or kaftans, paired with some form of headgear, like a turban or long flowing scarf.

The reality is that although Islamic and Muslim clothing does have a common set of rules and guidelines that govern it, Islamic attire and Muslim wear can be as varied as the person wearing it. And Muslim clothing and Muslim fashion is influenced by many things like the ethnicity, education, socioeconomic status, geographic location, level of adherence to the faith of the wearer, and even the weather! And considering that over 80% of Muslims don’t even live in the Arab world, long flowing caftans and turbans are not necessarily representative of modern Islamic attire, and usually describe just the Islamic clothing of a small subset of the Muslim population.

So what are the common threads and guidelines you might ask? The key principle that governs Islamic attire and Muslim clothing is the principle of modesty. (However even that term can be interpreted differently in Islamic clothes based upon the understanding of the person and what they consider Islamic wear). Plus, the guidelines differ a bit depending on whether it is Islamic clothing for women or Islamic clothing for men. In general, for clothing to be called Islamic attire, it must not be too form fitting or sheer. It must not show too much skin (especially for women, but also for men), have a modest neckline and long sleeves (for women) and according to most scholars, should include hair covering for women. Within these broad guidelines for Muslim clothing and Islamic attire, we find a vast array of Islamic wear for women, men and kids, that is as varied as its wearer.

Islamic clothing for women can be something as simple as a long caftan dress, a long tunic top, a jelbab, or a long button down shirt with an ankle length long skirt and a headscarf, also called a hijab in Arabic. In fact Islamic clothing for women can be just about any kind of modest dress, which becomes Islamic attire, when it covers the body according to Islamic clothing guidelines and rules of modesty. Take Muslim clothing for women in a colorful direction with influences from mainstream design trends (minus the skin), and it becomes Muslim fashion. Since rules of dress are a bit more strict for women than men, we find that Muslim women living in the west have the hardest time finding clothes that pass the Islamic attire test, while still being attractive and practical for their busy everyday lives. And not surprisingly, we also see that many Muslim women show the most ingenuity and creativity in how they mix-n-match and combine pieces they find in mainstream stores, together with especially designed pieces of Islamic wear, into outfits that are modest, beautifully delightful, and say Islamic fashion loud and clear.

A really good place to see all the different variations and interpretations of Islamic attire, Muslim fashion and Islamic clothing for women, men and kids is at the Eid prayers every year. Eid is the largest Muslim holiday, and especially in the West, Eid prayer gatherings are the perfect opportunity to get a great view into both Islamic clothes and Muslim fashion, since there are many diverse cultures and ethnicities represented in the Muslim communities of almost every Western country.

It’s such a great way to people watch, and it’s really interesting and heart warming, to see so many Muslim men, women and kids, dressed in their finest Islamic attire on this special day. Islamic fashion that fits the bill as Muslim clothing for women on Eid day might mean anything from an elaborate designer long sleeve tunic dress, to a business suit (if she is heading straight to work from prayer), or even simple and clean denim.

A perfect finishing touch to their Eid finery can be artisan Islamic jewelry, and what better way to celebrate their heritage than with a handcrafted Islamic necklace, Islamic bracelet or Islamic ring. Often made by artisans in Turkey or Egypt following jewelry making techniques thousands of years old, artisan Turkish jewelry and Arabian jewelry often has inspirational Arabic calligraphy or sayings from the Qur’an, the holy scripture of Muslims.

Muslim fashion for teenagers is really fun to watch, because you’ll see garments from mainstream pop culture coupled with Islamic influences, like Islamic T-shirts with cool Arabic graphics. Many men display their Muslim fashion sense by sticking with their best western style shirts, pants or a full suit, while others take it in the ethnic direction with a long caftan or a traditional galabiyya and kufi hat.

Islamic clothing for kids also runs the gamut; from colorful miniature variations of their parents Islamic attire, be it a western dress or suit, or an eastern kaftan and kufi. Hip Muslim kids have been seen sporting Islamic wear such as cute Islamic hoodies and Islamic T-shirts in kid friendly bright colors, with fun modern graphics.

So next time you are wondering what Islamic clothing, Muslim clothing or Islamic Attire is, find your local mosque or Islamic center and pay it a visit. You’ll see a great variety of Muslim clothing for women, men and kids in a dizzying array of colors, styles, cuts and fabrics that make up Muslim fashion, all coming together to encompass what we call Islamic attire and Muslim wear.


Things to consider when shopping for Islamic Clothing


You have more choices than ever when shopping for Islamic clothing these days. Islamic clothing is hard to find in mainstream stores and especially if you’re looking for Islamic clothing for women, it’s been a case of scouring store after store and cobbling together your Islamic attire with a shirt here, a skirt there and a hijab that matches (maybe…) However, in the last few years many online Islamic clothing stores have emerged to fill this void in the Islamic wear space and to serve the needs of the customer searching for Muslim and Islamic clothing.
Though online shopping has grown tremendously in popularity over the last decade and Islamic clothing online shopping has followed suit, not all online Islamic clothing stores are created equal. The internet is a democratic space where all manner of Islamic clothing businesses compete for your heard earned money. Here are a few things to consider when you shop for Islamic wear so you have a smooth and trouble free shopping experience, and get the best value for your money:

1. Design

Some Islamic clothing stores design and manufacture their own clothing to proprietary Muslim fashion designs. Others buy their Islamic clothing from other vendors and resell it. Where are you planning to wear your Islamic wear? If you will mostly wear your Muslim clothes around the house and are not particular about the uniqueness of your Islamic attire, you can go for a more generic look. But if you’re a person who values unique Islamic clothing designs and creativity, you may go for branded Islamic clothing that has been manufactured to a company’s own design. How broad is the Islamic wear selection? Are there lots of options for Islamic tops, bottoms, Islamic dresses, Islamic formal wear, Islamic clothing for men, Islamic clothing for kids? Artizara branded Islamic Clothing offers an unmatched selection of Islamic tops, bottoms, casual and formal Islamic dresses, as well as Islamic clothing for men and kids. Artizara designer Islamic clothing is manufactured to our own exclusive designs so you’re bound to get a garment that is unique, just like you!

2. Quality

Like anywhere else, quality and price generally go hand in hand when shopping for Islamic clothes. If you’re looking for Islamic clothing just to wear occasionally, or use once a year during Ramadan, you might look for Islamic clothes that are not necessarily the best quality but will give you a month or two of wear. But, if you’re looking for Muslim clothing that you can use day in and day out, to school, work or to an evening out, then look for the best quality Islamic clothing that your money can buy. Make sure it is easy care, well constructed and fits well. You may find that investing in better quality Islamic clothing saves you time, money and headaches in the long run. Not to mention, you will most definitely look nicer in better quality Islamic attire! Since we manufacture clothing to our own designs and maintain our own quality control, we are confident Artizara Islamic clothing will give you years of quality and wear.

3. Price

Customers will often wonder why Islamic clothing is more expensive than clothing at mainstream stores. Islamic clothes are longer and more fully covered and so they need a lot more resources to make in terms of fabrics, lining and tailoring time. Also Islamic clothing that is branded such as Artizara Islamic clothing, is manufactured in smaller quantities and not mass produced in bulk. This adds to the cost of the garment so it may be more expensive. Better quality Islamic clothes will also cost more. But at the end of the day, you have to ask yourself what you are getting because if you are shopping for Islamic clothing just based on price, in many cases you get what you pay for.

4. Reliability

Know who you’re buying from. When you shop for Islamic clothing online, you provide quite a lot of information about yourself, as well as your credit card information. You want to make sure that the shopping platform is 100% secure and that your information will stay private and not be shared. Read the “About” page on the website to find out more about the business. Are they located in your country or overseas? Do they list their physical address? Are they registered with the Better Business Bureau or other trade agencies that rate business. Read the testimonials and customer feedback. Visit their Islamic clothing facebook page and see what people are saying. Do they have phone support and does someone answer the phone? (Artizara Inc.) has been in business for 10 years and was one of the very first companies in the online branded Islamic clothing sphere. We use industry standard SSL (secure socket layer encryption) on our shopping platform and pledge never to share your information with third parties without your prior consent. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have had zero complaints to the Bureau in the last 3 years.

5. Customer Service

When shopping for Islamic clothing online, you want to make sure the company you choose will help you through the online shopping process if you need help, and will resolve any issues promptly if they arise. Artizara offers phone and online chat support during business hours as well as email support 24/7. We also offer 30 day no hassle returns on all your purchases so if you don’t want it for whatever reason, we will take it back within 30 days, no questions asked.  See what our customers have to say about their Artizara Islamic clothing shopping experience.

6. Shipping

Shipping of their Islamic clothing is not necessarily something many people pay close attention to when shopping for their Islamic attire. But it’s really important that your Muslim clothes arrive in a timely, reliable fashion with no surprises. So it’s important to check and see where the Islamic clothing company you’re buying from warehouses their clothing. Do they actually keep stock of the items or manufacture only when a paid order is received? This could add days and weeks to getting your order and may not work at all if you’re in a hurry to get your Muslim clothes. Do you have several shipping choices, from standard to rush? What if you need your order by a certain date, does the company offer guaranteed delivery? If you are an international Islamic clothing customer, does the company offer a “duties and taxes prepaid” option so you don’t have any surprises after you get the order? Artizara ships worldwide and offers a menu of shipping options from standard 7 day options to overnight rush shipping. 

7. Ethical Business

Something very important to consider is whether the Islamic clothing business you are shopping at is run ethically and whether it’s employees and garment workers are provided good working conditions and a paid a fair wage. Does it follow the laws and labor standards of the country where it’s located? Artizara Islamic clothing is sweat-shop free and manufactured by suppliers personally inspected and approved by our company to make sure that the above conditions are met. Artizara Inc. is a company registered in California, USA and complies with all the laws and labor standards applicable in its state.

8. Value

You have many choices when you shop for Islamic clothing online. Next time you’re looking for Islamic wear for yourself or your family, consider Artizara Islamic clothing. Give us a call, drop us an email if you have questions. You will find a great selection of high quality designer Islamic clothing made ethically, at reasonable prices, that ships quickly and reliably, with great customer support and hassle free 30-day returns. Here at Artizara, we are proud to have served thousands of satisfied customers all over the world, for over a decade.