Plain Hijabs

The staple of a stylishly modest wardrobe, Plain hijabs (or simply, solid color scarves) are super easy to pair with just about anything to create an elegant modest look. For the busy girl who doesn't have time to fuss around with prints and patterns, solid color hijabs are a life saver. Simple and versatile, a plain hijab keeps the focus on your outfit and is easy to accessorize with a modest tunic top or bottom.
Plain hijabs are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. But here's what to keep in mind when you find plain hijabs for sale:
Is the hijab scarf generously sized so it can wrap around a couple times and fully cover your hair? A larger plain scarf hijab can be twisted, wrapped and turbaned, something that's not possible with a small hijab. In thinner fabrics, hijab size is an advantage because you can double it for more coverage, or wear it single layer with an under cap.
Square or oblong? Pre-stitched or not, the shape of your plain hijab will also dictate how stylish your hijab looks and what you can do with it. A pre-stitched plain hijab may be more convenient but doesn't let you vary your look much and might get a bit boring after a while.
Yes ladies, let's admit that covering our head can make us hot sometimes. So unless it's winter and you need your hijab to keep your ears toasty, go for a scarf hijab that is light and airy and can be wrapped once or a few times, depending on the weather.
The last thing you want to be worrying about is whether your carefully crafted hijab style will make it through the day. Formal hijabs that are smooth or silky look elegant but usually need pins to hold them in place. Hijabs with a slight texture are better for every day because not only do they stay in place but they need no ironing so you can wash and go. Our non-slip celebrity plain hijabs are practical as well as pretty and super easy to drape and tuck, staying in place all day even without pins.
Chiffon hijabs are a great choice for more dressed up occasions and work, and are easy to wash and wear. But they need pins to stay in place. 
Silk hijabs look beautiful and are great for formal occasions, but are also slippery, needing pins to style and secure. 
Cotton hijabs are great choice for casual everyday occasions and on trend with boho chic outfits
Jersey hijabs are great for drape but can get bulky and hot, may pill, and don't always hold up long term in the wash. 
Viscose hijabs are a great alternative, being cool, non-slippery and light weight and airy, with great drape but without the bulk. 
Chances are, you'll be wearing your plain hijabs day in and day out so they'll get lots of use. So it's important to pay attention to the care instructions. Fancier hijabs such as silk hijabs may not be washable and may need to be dry cleaned. Poly chiffon hijabs are typically machine washable and look new longer. Cotton and viscose hijabs may be washable but hand washing may be recommended to prolong the life of your hijabs. They may also need ironing, unless they have a texture in which case you might be able to get away without ironing them.
If you're just getting started building your hijabs collection, plain hijabs in basic colors are a great place to start. Start with a black plain hijab, white plain hijab, beige plain hijab, blue plain hijab and maybe a maroon plain hijab (just for fun) and you have 99% of occasions covered. Then gradually you can add printed hijabs and formal hijabs and broaden your repertoire as you get more creative and comfortable with creating new hijab styles.

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