With Islamic Clothes Staples, Have The Perfect Islamic Wardrobe

Islamic clothes are modest yet fashionable. Stock up on certain Islamic clothes staples to ensure you’ve got the perfect balance for your wardrobe.

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Trends come and go with Islamic clothes, but there are some staples and basics that transcend the seasons. Must-have Islamic clothes for your closet are classic, in neutral colors and can be worn with just about anything. Read on:

Classic jeans: Trends in jeans come and go (skinny is back now after its time in the ‘80s, after all), but to make jeans really classic, you need a flattering fit. If you’re on the taller side, wide-leg jeans are the way to go. If you’re petite, a slightly “skinnier” fit, like Artizara’s embroidered denim, work best. Islamic clothes that fit best are best for you.

Abayas: Floor-length abayas are usually what comes to mind when someone says, “Islamic clothes.” These provide the most coverage and can be worn no matter the season, so stock up on lots of abayas in neutral colors like black and white, and maybe one in a stand-out color like deep burgundy.

Basic long-sleeved shirts: Stock up on neutral and easy-to-match long-sleeved shirts – black, brown and white – and you’ll never have nothing to wear. Layering Islamic clothes is a great way to cover up – wear long-sleeved shirts under dusters, caftans, tunics and cardigans.  

Long cardigans: Layering Islamic clothes is key! For warmer months, long cardigans look great layered over tops or long-sleeved shirts, and in the winter they add warmth to a caftan dress or light sweater.  

Black pants: Black goes with everything! A pair of black pants is a modest clothing must. They can be worn under plain or black caftans, and if you’re in the mood for a jeweled or bright tunic, black pants will match those, too.

Hijabs: Hijabs are a Muslim woman’s modest clothing staple, but regular scarves are fun additional accessories. Wrap one around your neck with a long V-neck cardigan or a basic long-sleeved shirt.

This is our list of must-have Islamic clothes. Are we missing anything?

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