Trend Alert: Long Modest Skirts

Long modest skirts are a hot trend. We’ll tell you why and how to wear them.

Modesty really is making a comeback, even according to Marie Claire magazine. In its August issue is an article about how girls are covering up more. But some trends have always been modest. Take long modest skirts – it’s important to wear something you’ll be comfortable enough to spend the whole day in if need be. Long modest skirts accomplish this, and, if they have a fit ‘n flare shape or pretty details like ruffles or button accents, they can make you feel sexy, too – even though you’re dressed modestly!
Long, modest skirts can look laid-back, professional or sexy – it’s all about how you wear it. Take a few cues from Artizara:
Wear a loose, flowy, long modest skirt like our lightweight long ruched adjustable length cotton skirt with flats and a loose-fitting tunic for a relaxed look. For the office, a skirt like the Aliya works well with high heels, and simple earrings. And finally, wear a skirt like the Ella Braid-work skirt, with a fitted top, high heels and sleek accessories for a sexier look.
There you have it – three great looks…all with a long modest skirt!

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