The Top Three Ankle Length Skirts for Fall

Artizara has its top three picks for the best ankle length skirts this fall.

Homa Linen Caftan Ankle Length Dress
Back in June, before the Paris Fashion Week couture shows, and after French President Nicolas Sarkozy criticized the burka, a fashion show was held to “improve the abaya.”
Ankle length skirts are a recurring fall fashion trend in the Islamic fashion world. Are you prepared for this fall?
Artizara has ankle length skirts that are stylishly cut but designed for modest customers. They are almost always fully lined, cut so there is lots of movement but without bulkiness, and never expose legs. If you’re unprepared for the fall – that is, you don’t have any ankle length skirts – here are our top three picks for the best ankle length skirts for fall.
The Ella Braid work skirt – it’s modest, of course, and reaches the ankle, but the pretty embroidery at the ankle is what makes this skirt so appealing. It’s just plain pretty! It might be called a work skirt, but with its fit and flare shape and easy movement, it can be worn practically anywhere.
The Full Length Denim Ruffle skirt – this wrap ankle length skirt is made of denim with a few embellishments: a banded waist with bronze accent buttons on the side, and of course, to live up to its name, a cute ruffled edge.
The Elise Layered Chiffon long skirt – this ankle length skirt’s on the dressy side – but who doesn’t need a dressy skirt for fall? Asymmetrical tiers of chiffon cascade down the gently flared shape of the skirt. It’s very pretty, light, and can be worn with a shell, sweater, tunic or caftan.

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