The Festival of Muslim Clothing Previews Trends

The Festival of Muslim Clothing gives women previews of what fashions, trends and collections of Muslim dress will soon be available.

Taran Silk CaftanMuslim dress has evolved over the years, and the Islamic Fashion Festival is the event that showcases what’s going on in the Muslim fashion front. This year’s Islamic Fashion Festival (IFF) was held in Jakarta, Indonesia, in May; founded in 2006, the IFF presents diverse collections of Muslim dress and clothing. Isn’t it great that in addition to fashion shows (Dubai Fashion Week), there are other festivals to look at new Muslim fashions and upcoming trends in Muslim dress? One of the aims of the IFF is to strengthen Jakarta and Dubai’s holds as the centers of Islamic fashion.

The festival was only held for two days, but still, several Indonesian, Malaysian and Muslim designers showed lots of trends – tie dye and ombre, ballooning and bubble effects with dresses, and “sharp shoulder” designs with traditional Muslim dress. Designers including Itang Yunasz, Ida Royani, Sebastian Gunawan, Melinda Loou, Tom Abang Saufi and Khoon Hooi all showcased their Muslim dress collections.
Some of our favorite looks and trends that you might soon see in Muslim dress in the not-to-far-off-future include Swarovsky crystal-embellished designs, metallic fabrics and ombre.

Khoon Hooi showed lots of metallic caftans with matching jackets, Ida Royani experimented with deep burgundies and other dark colored-solids combined with intricate prints and patterns on her long Islamic dresses, and Tom Abang Saufi dyed his long Muslim dresses in a tie dye fashion, experimenting with a color palette of dark and light blue, beige, purple and salmon. Itang Yunasz took a more ombre approach to her tie dyed Muslim dresses, but with bright colors like pink and red; Melinda Loou played with Swarovski crystal designs on her long dresses and hijabs; and Sebastian Gunawan took it a step further with his bold printed long Muslim dresses – strong, thick black, blue and gold stripes, smaller, detailed striped prints and ribbons and bows as adornments.

We can’t wait to see what next year’s IFF will bring! Muslim dress has never looked so dressed up.

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