Artizara Reward Points Chart

Your Artizara Reward Points®; benefits are a brand new way to be rewarded for what you love to do; SHOP! Points are automatically accumulated for simply purchasing items from our store. A generous reward is given and when you reach 500 points, you can start using your points like cash during the checkout process!

  BENEFITS 500 Points 1,000 Points 2,000 Points 4,000+ Points
Earn 5 rewards points for every US dollar spent Earn 5 Reward Points for every net dollar ($1 USD) you spend at
Rewards Points Never Expire Your Artizara Reward Points never expire and there is no maximum to the amount of points you can acquire
Use Rewards Points for anything in our store Use your Artizara Reward Points like CASH. You may redeem points/reward certificate on anything in our store!
Use your Rewards Points immediately once the minimum is met Use your Reward Certificate immediately (once minimum is met) for purchases.
(Here's an example breakdown)
Reward Certificate No Expiration on Rewards Points No Maximum On Reward Points Accumulate Automatically
    Artizara Rewards Points are redeemable at checkout. For more information, please head to our FAQ page
  You have a total of 500 points
(A minimum of 500 points is required to be abe to use at checkout)
  You have a total of 1,000 points $10
  You have a total of 1,500 points $15
  You have a total of 2,000 points $20
  You have a total of 2,500 points $25
  There is no cap to your rewards points Depends on Reward Points
  • * Artizara Rewards Points program is restricted to Excludes Artizara Wholesale ( A minimum of 500 points must be accumulated in order to redeem rewards points for a reward certificate. You must be logged in to your account at the time of purchase to receive your rewards points. Points are automatically added to your account.

  • For more information, please head to our Artizara Rewards Points Details page.

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