New Styles And Artisan Jewelry At Dubai Fashion Week

Artisan Jewelry And Bold Abayas Big In 2010 Fashion

Although wearing an abaya to cover the body or a hijab to cover the head symbolizes modesty, many Islamic women are looking for more fashionable and even eye-catching versions of these garments, hoping to accommodate tradition while allowing for self expression. The idea behind these designs is that clothing can be attractive and flattering without being revealing.

At the recent Dubai Fashion Week, a young Emirati designer named Rabia Zargarpur won the prestigious “Emerging Talent” award, yet her models walked the runway covered head to toe. Dubai Fashion Week allows local and regional designers to display their newest collections of clothing and artisan jewelry to local and foreign buyers, fashion critics, global media, and the general public. The 2009 edition of the Dubai Fashion Week, which took place in late October, featured more than 30 collections.

A rising star in the world of Islamic fashion, designer Amber Feroz is contributing enormously to the propagation of style. His Spring/Summer 2010 collection was featured at Dubai Fashion Week, and included delicately flowing abayas with bold, electric-colored trim, accented by stunning pieces of artisan jewelry. His line of abayas features modern updates to classic designs, with bright colors and strong accents that seem to pop against their traditional black abaya backdrops. Feroz also designs evening wear, travel clothing, artisan jewelry, and bridal gowns, most of which are marketed toward people who travel to countries without such strict Islamic dress codes.

In a recent interview with CNN, Feroz explains how he combined the concepts of jalabiyas with traditional kimonos. "We have a very different way of working with the fabric,” he said. “We came up with new techniques – there is no seam.” Feroz also explained that he prefers to use lightweight fabrics and “a lot of colors.” Feroz is currently designing for the fashion house Miss Elegant, and the new line is aimed at discerning, fashion-conscious women. Featuring haute couture custom-made abayas and dresses, the line is currently expanding to sell all over the Gulf, and has plans to move into larger markets in Europe and Asia as their success continues.

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