New Designer Artisan Jewelry From Artizara - Find The Finest Jewelry Pieces

We Muslims may not celebrate Valentine's Day, but as far as we're concerned, February is just as good as any other month for treating yourself or your loved one to a beautiful piece of designer artisan jewelry! Artizara's newest additions include some truly unique gold-plated Turkish Princess Necklaces, a jade bracelet, silver and ruby earrings, and much more!

Artizara's new collection of Turkish Princess gold-plated necklaces are all hand-made, and draw inspiration from the Ottoman Sultans, whose grand collections of exotic and elaborate jewels were known all over the world. Set with semi-precious stones on a hand-hammered, gold-plated chain, these exquisite pendant necklaces feature rich textural accents, such as multi-hued handmade silk flowers that add an extra flair of beauty and sophistication to the traditionally elegance of the necklace. Each Turkish Princess necklace is made by hand, using only natural stones and centuries-old jewelry-making methods.

One of our most popular new additions to the Artizara designer artisan jewelry collection is the Turkish Princess Jade Bracelet, which is also inspired by famously opulent jewels of Ottoman Sultans. Sure to turn heads wherever you wear it, this naturally beautiful bracelet features exquisite semi precious stones, which are themselves displayed on strands of 8-mm natural pearls. For a secure fit every time, the bracelet also features a high-quality slide-and-snap closure.

Artizara is also proud to offer the 22-karat Gold-Plated Silver and Ruby Dangle Earrings. These elegant, lightweight earrings are delicately lined with real rubies, and accented with dazzling cubic zircon for a look that is exquisitely posh, yet classy at the same time. A perfect accessory for any formal occasion, these earrings provide all the shine and richness of fine 22-karat gold jewelry at a much more attractive price.

All of Artizara's designer artisan jewelry offers timeless beauty, fine materials, and the kind of uniqueness and craftsmanship that only comes from the hands of true artisans.

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