Muslim Clothing Changes with the Times and Trends

Muslim Clothing is a Way of Life, But That Doesn't Mean it Doesn't Have to be Fashionable

Farah Long Convertible Bubble Bottom Shirt Jacket
Muslim clothing is not just worn to appear in front of Allah, Muslim clothing is necessary every day for Muslim women. And like other women, Muslim women also like to dress fashionably and be stylish; staying within their values of modesty is a must, however.

Thankfully, in today’s day and age, Muslim clothing can keep up with the latest trends. The clothes are just slightly adjusted to create more modest – yet fashionable – looks and styles.

Muslim fashion designers have taken advantage of this niche market and Muslim clothing has become a large part of the fashion world. Fashion Weeks that cater specifically to Muslims – specifically, Dubai Fashion Week – have been successful over the years, and even some trends seem to have come from Muslim clothing. For example, caftan clothing, maxi dresses and long-sleeved tunics are big hits in the spring and summer for all women – not just Muslim women.

Trendy and stylish Muslim clothing choices have also become more in demand with the help of the Internet. The blog phenomenon brought about several Muslim and Hijabi blogs written by Muslim and Hijabi women who struggled to put together stylish outfits from modest, Muslim clothing. Blogs like these, including one of our favorites, , along with , shed light on issues Muslim women had with finding stylish yet modest clothing. And as more women blogged about their troubles with finding stylish Muslim clothing, more companies started creating stylish Muslim clothing. The problem was slowly being solved.

Today, most trends are restyled more modestly for Muslim clothing. Tunics have higher necks and long sleeves, caftan dresses and maxi dresses cover the arms and reach the floor, for a few examples. Even hip, slim-fitting pants can be worn under long, flowy caftans or cardigans with hijabs. Today, Muslim women have more choices when it comes to Muslim clothing. And thank goodness – stylish Muslim women seem to be happier, and happy women are more beautiful than sad or sullen ones!

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