Modest Clothing Musts ? What Basics to Have in your Closet

It's Easy to Wear Modest Clothing and Still be Stylish

We’ve all learned by now (or at least, we hope so) that trends come and go, but stylish basics stay and remain fashionable through the seasons. Dress them up with accessories, dress them down as their own modest clothing pieces, no matter which way you dress them, modest clothing basics are a smart thing to own. We’ve compiled a list of what we think every stylish woman needs in her closet.
Zoya Braidwork Caftan
Black pants: Black goes with everything! A pair of black pants is a modest clothing must. They can be worn under plain or black caftans, and if you’re in the mood for a jeweled or bright tunic, black pants will match those, too.

Basic long-sleeved shirts: Stock up on neutral and easy-to-match long-sleeved shirts – black, brown, white and even tan – and you’ll never have nothing to wear. They make a short-sleeved top more modest, can be worn under caftans, tunics and cardigans, and are a modest clothing basic.
Long cardigans: Again, layering is a wonderful thing. For warmer months, long cardigans look great layered over tops or long-sleeved shirts, and in the winter they add warmth to a caftan dress or light sweater.
Scarves/Hijabis: Hijabis are a Muslim woman’s modest clothing staple, but regular scarves are fun additional accessories. Wrap one around your neck with a long V-neck cardigan or a basic long-sleeved shirt. Scarves also give off an air of sophistication – modest clothing never looked so chic!

Black/neutral mid-height heels: A comfortable, fits-all-occasions high heel is a must-have. They can be worn with just about everything, whether it’s for work or the weekend, and they even take a simple, modest outfit up a notch. If you’d like to up the stylish factor still, pick a pair that adds a little oomph – say, a satin pair, or patent leather – to wear with your modest clothing.

Black/neutral flats: Contrary to popular belief, comfortable flats can be stylish! Black or neutral flats will match everything. Choose a pair with tiny embellishments – buckles, small fabric flowers, jewels – to step your outfit up from modest clothing to stylish modest clothing.

Are we missing anything? What modest clothing basics do you readers have that are your “must-haves?”

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