Lebanese Designer Rabih Kayrouz Shows Silk Tunic Tops And Dresses At Paris Show

Lebanese designer Rabih Kayrouz recently showed his debut runway collection at an intimate fashion show Paris, which was held in a small venue that placed the audience just inches away from the edge of the runway. Cleverly designed as an in-your-face demonstration of Kayrouz’s fine craftsmanship, the event featured silk tunic tops, elegant dresses with slices, slits, and delicate pearls, and form-fitting gowns whose invisible stitching and undulating black folds left a lasting impression on all those in attendance. The show was unusually up-close-and-personal, with a focus on Rabih Kayrouz’s sense of modernity, and featured black tunic tops that embraced, concealed, and sometimes playfully grazed and caressed the body. The designer also added a romantic undercurrent to the encounter with a torn velvet dress and feather embellishments worked into the folds of white tunic tops.

Kayrouz began studying fashion in 1991, when at the age of 16, he enrolled at L'Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, and perfected his skills at the world famous design houses of Dior and Chanel. He opened Maison Rabih Kayrouz in 1997, offering young and weightless dresses and silk tunic tops that are inspired by the women whose styles and suggestions fuel Kayrouz's designs. In 1999, Kayrouz's designs were featured at Beirut's French Cultural Centre, alongside those of Madam Djenny, whose groundbreaking Haute Couture designs made her a key figure in the Beirut fashion world from 1920 to 1975.

In 2008, Rabih Kayrouz pioneered a new kind of boutique - a "laboratory for new ideas," in Beirut Central District. The boutique, simply named "Starch," is also a place where young designers and recent graduated of Lebanese fashion schools can showcase their talents and work together. Anywhere from four to six young designers are chosen each season to participate in the Starch workshops, where they are guided through the creative process by Kayrouz and other professionals. Their collections are then displayed at Starch twice per year.

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