It's Summer! Six Easy Muslim Clothing Summer Trends

Muslim clothing might require women to cover up, even in stifling summer heat. But thanks to light fabrics and loose silhouettes, Muslim clothing can still be stylish and cool yet respectful.

Today, it’s not a far-fetched idea to dress modestly in Muslim clothing and still be fashionable.  Muslim clothing can keep up with the latest trends, Muslim clothing trends are just more modest, but fashionable.

Tunics – Tunics are a huge Muslim clothing summer trend. Wear them in lightweight cotton or sheer linen with a shirt underneath. Wear them as a shirt with lightweight or silk pants, or a long tunic as a dress. Tunics have high necklines and long, floaty sleeves – they’re a perfect Muslim clothing staple for summer.

Maxi Dresses – Maxi dresses were made for summer, weren’t they? Long, floaty, solid or printed, these to the ground dresses can be glammed up with heels and glittering jewelry, or dressed down with flat sandals and a jacket. Cover your maxi dress up at the top with a long cardigan or boxy spring jacket.

Caftans – Caftans, much like tunics, can be worn as a dress or a long-sleeved, blousy shirt. A modest choice for Muslim clothing in the summer, flowy caftan dresses reach the floor, and both dresses and tops are long-sleeved. Choose a lightweight fabric to stay cool.

Printed Hijabs – Printed hijabs are big for summer. Wrap your head in a sweet flower print, or an edgy python print. Hand-woven, hand-spun bamboo, silk and chiffon hijabs look great in any prints – and they keep your head cool for summer!

Long skirts – Long skirts are a Muslim clothing staple. Think they look mumsy? Wear them with chic flats or sandals, fitted long-sleeved tops, nice earrings and a sleek-looking hijab.

Neutral pants – Pants in black, white or khaki are smart because they’ll match virtually anything. But this doesn’t mean this Muslim clothing staple is boring – has several different styles, from pants with lacy-cut embroidery to wide-leg pants to brocade pants. Since it’s summer, lighter colors and fabrics work best, like wide-leg crinkle cotton pants.

These are only a few summer Muslim clothing necessities you need for the summer! Muslim clothing staples make up a variety of outfits!

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