Islamic Tunic Tops For You

Stylish Yet Modern Islamic Tunic Tops In Colorful, Affordable Designs Inspired By Traditional Islamic Art And Heritage Virtually Impossible To Find At Most Department Stores

Artizara’s Islamic tunic tops are the epitome of designs inspired by traditional Islamic art and heritage that are virtually impossible to find at most department stores.

Indian paisley chain stitch embroidery makes our tops distinctive and unique.

Islamic geometric art inspired designs can also be found at Artizara. These are not stuffy, uninspired detailing. The intricate stitching that adorns our flowing, sweeping fabrics that make them traditional with an air of modernity.

. Silk threads are used to highlight classic designs that adorn our Islamic tunic tops. Bold, intricate designs sweep across our tops and are duplicated on the sleeves.

Chain stitch patterns also are seen on both front and back. The designs lend themselves to versatile wear for dressy and casual outings.

White, floral embroidery of our tops are also accented with seed beads that ring one of our designs. The embroidery rings the neckline of this silk blended fabric that gives it a gentle, romantic sheen. Secret side pockets do not detract from the elegance of this Islamic tunic top.

Crushed fabric is also used on another one of our Islamic tunics. It appears to mimic the shimmer of Dupioni silk. Indian art block printing of paisley motifs in antique gold dance around the tunic top. The longer length of this tunic gives it an elegant tapered fit.

Another tunic of ours features embroidery inspired by Turkish ceramic tiles. The tunic boasts a contemporary, square neckline and a slim silhouette. The tunic comes in a sky blue with its detail along the bottom.

These tops are made with easy care, affordable fabrics that can be worn for day or eveningwear. All of our tunics are made with modest tapered fits in mind and lengths that fall below the hip. The modest tops are well made and are sure to be worn for years to come.

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