Islamic Fashion Abounds at the Dubai Fashion Fiesta

Islamic Fashion Shown at the Dubai Fashion Fiesta in June Showcased One Big Islamic Fashion Trend That Transcends Seasons

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In June, Dubai held a Fashion Fiesta. Yes, it’s a different sort of name for a fashion show, but organizers wanted this Islamic fashion event to stand apart from Dubai Fashion Week. For just the weekend of June 19 through the 22, Islamic fashion, from caftans, abayas and evening dresses, was on display for the masses to enjoy. Not only were there several high-profile designers showing collections, but local Dubai boutiques showed, as well. On opening night of the Fashion Fiesta, the Dubai-based boutique SI Fashion Gallery kicked off the fiesta with their Islamic fashion show, followed by shows of Rohit Verma, Rabia Z., and Zahra Komastagi.

So, which shows at the Fashion Fiesta proved to forecast the trends for the end of the summer into fall?

It seems the abayas were the hottest trend at the show.

The abayas were a hit at Fashion Fiesta, and they proved to be a hit from the end of July to now, and will transcend through fall. M&A Abaya, Arshy and Germen Design had hits with their Islamic fashion shows: M&A Abaya showcased black abayas, but each with a different embroidery around the neckline, from fabric flowers to glittery gold lining the frong; Arshy used brighter colors like pink besides black; and Germen Design made their abayas with the top halves completely adorned – for example, some abayas were all gold from the neck to the waist, with a button up collar and matching gold embroidery on the sleeves.

Did you see any photos from Dubai Fashion Fiesta? Which designers nailed Islamic fashion for you? What clothes did you like the most?

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