Islamic Clothes Get A High-Fashion Update

Islamic clothes get a high-fashion update from several top designers – including John Galliano – after French President Sarkozy criticizes the burka.

Sabeen Hand Beaded Silk GownBack in June, before the Paris Fashion Week couture shows, and after French President Nicolas Sarkozy criticized the burka, a fashion show was held to “improve the abaya.”
And not just any designers were given the assignment of improving Islamic clothes – top designers. John Galliano, Nina Ricci, Jean Claude Jitrois, Felipe Oliveira Baptista, Blumarine, Alberta Feretti, Martin Grant and Caroline Herrera all tried their hand at designing high-fashion abayas.
Even though Islamic clothes are meant to cover, designers came up with creative ways to jazz up the abaya, a traditional piece of Islamic clothing. For some designers, working with the abaya might have been a challenge; many Islamic clothes come with rules, and the abaya must be floor-length and cover the entire body.
What resulted were definitely high-fashion abayas: Islamic clothes with gold, velvet and pearl embroidery, see-through lace and chiffon abayas, even abayas made completely out of patchwork material.
This impromptu fashion show made Saks Fifth Avenue make a decision: in Saudi Arabia will carry new selections of designer abayas twice a year. Different collections of Islamic clothes and abayas will be available in the store for $2,000 to $2,500.
Saudi Arabian women might be excited about the glamour and glitz of their Saks Islamic clothes, but we here at Artizara like our high-quality, low-priced Islamic clothes just fine. Our customers do too – which is why we sell out often!

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