Artisan Islamic Jewelry

Islamic Artisan Jewelry

Looking for Islamic jewelry that is truly unique? Accessorizing your wardrobe with artisan jewelry is a great way to express yourself and your individual sense of style. A rhinestone broach, a flower pin, a long necklace or a stack of bangles can be just the thing to add some sparkle to any outfit. We believe that jewelry is an essential element of style, but our collection of Inspirational Islamic Jewelry is more than merely decorative. Made by hand following traditions thousands of years old, Artizara Islamic artisan jewelry features Calligraphy and Quranic prayers that will not just adorn, but also inspire and protect.

Our artisan silver jewelry incorporates modern style with classic beauty. These unique and original designs are based on traditional Islamic styles from Arabia, Persia, and other Muslim influences. A beautiful way to give something memorable and precious, much of our artisan jewelry features fluid, modern Arabic calligraphy with messages such as "You are Beautiful," "Love and Mercy," and "God is Great." Other pieces depict scenes such as the Tree of Life, or feature verses from the Qur'an.

High quality Islamic jewelry is difficult to find because it is difficult to make. True artisan jewelry requires expertise in calligraphy and a mastery of precious metal work. Our artisan silver jewelry is made by hand in Egypt, Turkey, and Pakistan by expert artisan jewelers who are masters of their craft. Using sterling silver and natural stones, these artisans create beautiful pieces of jewelry with original designs and exotic flair. By importing our artisan jewelry from artisans in Egypt, Turkey and Pakistan, Artizara provides much needed livelihoods to these artisans, while helping to safeguard and promote their ancient craft of Islamic jewelry-making.

All Artizara Islamic Jewelry is beautifully presented in custom jewelry boxes and velvet pouches, ready for gift giving to that special someone. Whether you're looking for a piece that is demure or daring, consider Artizara Islamic Jewelry when shopping for your next necklace, bracelet, earrings, or ring. With Artizara artisan jewelry, you don't just adorn... you inspire!

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