Get Ready for Fall 2009!

Wondering what the upcoming fall Muslim clothing trends will be? Never fear, we’ve got them for you here!

Samira CaftanTrends come and go. Don’t be caught without knowing what they are! There are lots of Muslim clothing trends for fall 2009. We’ve got the best four fall trends in Muslim clothing below:

Embroidery and Embellishment: Embroidery and embellishments, like crystals, ribbons, bows or lace, jazz up an otherwise ordinary abaya, caftan, pair of pants or hijabi. For fall, Muslim clothing will see lots of embroidery and embellishment. All the better to stand out!

Bold prints: Bold prints on elegant pieces of clothing, like long dresses or abayas, can make your outfit pop. Choose a print, any print: pinstripes, crocodile, animal prints, tartan plaid or paisley. Don’t want to stand out too much? Choose a printed hijabi – for fall, python prints are a big trend.

Cool colors: It looks like Muslim clothing is moving away from traditional deep burgundies and black, and moving toward deep purples and dark blues. Whether you choose a deep purple abaya or a dark blue hijabi, make sure to not go too nuts – Muslim clothing in all bold, cool colors is a bit much. Tone it down with just one piece in a cool color.

Ombre/Tie-dye: Going along with the bold and cool colors trend, ombre and tie-dye dresses in bold colors are a big trend in Muslim clothing for fall. Lots of Muslim dresses coming down the runway at fall fashion shows picked one trend or the other – dresses start dark pink and fade into light pink gradually, or tie-dyed dark and light blue circles. Either trend is big for fall. If you don’t feel comfortable donning either pattern on a dress, start small with a hijabi or scarf.

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