Even in This Economy, There's No Need to Make Cutbacks in Your Islamic Clothing Wardrobe

Most of us are pinching our pennies, so make the most out of your Islamic clothing wardrobe. Shop for Islamic clothing on a budget by stocking up on classic staples.

Alvia Silk Caftan
This global recession has us all so pinched that just about everyone you know, probably, is on a budget and making cutbacks in every aspect of their lives. People are even cutting back on spending money on clothes, which is why retail is suffering so much. But does your Islamic clothing wardrobe have to suffer, as well?

Many people believe that you have to spend a lot of money to look good. This is only half true. Some key pieces might require a bigger investment, ie more money, but the payoff is they’ll last you for a long time. For example, a nice bag or a fabulous winter coat might cost more, but are worth the cost. In other areas of your Islamic clothing wardrobe, like hijabs, tops, pants or jewelry, you can get away with spending a bit less. But make sure they don’t look cheap! If they don’t look like they’re high quality, you don’t look as good as you should.
If you have an Islamic clothing wardrobe full of classic pieces that are classic and of high quality, you can mix-and-match them in different ways each day for a new look. Pick one Islamic piece to feature and give yourself a distinct look: a silk print hijab, a bold shoe or an embroidered tunic. Great style is that simple.

An Islamic clothing wardrobe needs versatility:  Are there staple pieces? Are there pieces for every occassion? Are there at least a few standout pieces? Next time, before you go shopping for Islamic clothing, check your closet’s versatility. How many items can go from day to evening? Will a skirt work for the next meeting as well as the holiday party? If not, do some reorganizing – and a little bit of shopping – and build yourself a versatile Islamic clothing wardrobe.

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