Elegant, Traditional Caftan Clothing

Rich Islamic Heritage Can Be Found in Our Free Flowing Elegant Caftan Clothing For The Modest Woman

Artizara’s caftan clothing is inspired by the richness of Islamic heritage and offered in rich fabrics, vibrant colors and fine, intricate embroidery that make them unique. Fashionable Islamic dresses and caftan clothing are virtually impossible to find at most, if not all, department stores. We offer caftan clothing in longer lengths that are elegant and chic but still offer full body coverage that complies with the observed guidelines for modest dress.

Artizara’s clothing is never sheer and never has revealing slits but still is made to provide enough movement to move gracefully.

At Artizara, we know how difficult it can be to find caftan clothing and never mind trying to find coordinating hijabs and wraps. Most of our outfits come with free matching hijabs and wraps for a finished, coordinated look.

Bright colors, embellishments and cascading gowns are typical of Artizara’s formal wear. Silk, hand embroidered and jeweled gowns are also part of our line.

For special or formal occasions, Artizara’s caftan clothing never disappoints. Dupioni silks offer our line a luxurious satiny sheen. Our clothing comes in flattering sweeping styles. Modest, round necklines and tapered shapes are also typical of our designs.

Some of our caftan clothing features raw silk with hand printed designs in subtle silver and gold block printing. The style requires carved wooden blocks are each dipped and the patterns are crafted by hand. The details are found at the wrists and along the center front of our Alvia silk caftan.

Big, bold paisleys accentuate the bottom portion of the dress. It is also fully lined and slightly shaped at the waist. All of our outfits allow ease of movement.

Artizara’s caftan clothing offer timeless, affordable elegance you will treasure for years to come. Visit our store for unique caftan clothing that are both modest and affordable.

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