Designer Hijabs And Hand-Crafted Artisan Jewelry From Wegdan Hamza Wow Dubai

Popular Egyptian Designer Shows Stylish, Modern Hijabs

Popular Egyptian designer Wegdan Hamza had an impressive showing at the recent Dubai Fashion Week expo, sending models down the runway dressed in high-fashion Islamic clothing, and adorned by hand-crafted artisan jewelry. An increasing number of Egyptian women are choosing to wear traditional hijab head coverings, and Hamza’s line is known for accommodating the growing need for stylish traditional clothing, creating a wide range of hijab designs.

From casual, simple cotton hijabs to trendy designs incorporating coins or flowers as decoration, Hamza’s designs have made her a star of the Islamic fashion scene. She often designs hijabs and hand-crafted artisan jewelry for local celebrities, and appears on fashion-related television programs (such as Dream TV's "The Latest Fashion") to discuss the latest trends, and to comment on the evolution of Islamic fashion.

Though Hamza admits that the current economic recession is taking its toll, her business has shown steady and significant growth for the last several years, owing much success to online sales from North America and Europe. Because Egypt has somewhat more permissive dress codes than some neighboring countries, Hamza is able to design hijabs with bright colors and flashy materials such as crystals, flowers, and chiffon. Some of her more notable designs featured during fashion week included a hijab inspired by the classic Burberry print, and a wavy organza bridal hijab with a satin trim and sequins embellishing the crown of the head. Often topped with crowns or accompanied by hand-crafted artisan jewelry, bridal head coverings are one of the most successful divisions of Hamza’s business.

In a recent interview, Hamza told CNN that she does feel some cultural pressure to keep her designs subdued, but she doesn’t let criticism inhibit her creativity.

"God makes us beautiful and he likes the beauty,” she said. “So we have to mix and match our outfit correctly, in colors materials and style. It is illogical for everyone to look the same…. Not to see through or describe the body – those are the rules. After that I have the freedom to put on whatever I want.”

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