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Artizara.com was founded in 2004 to fulfill the Islamic clothing needs of socially conscious women who desire to dress stylishly yet modestly.

The company is the brainchild of friends and neighbors Sarah Ansari and Asra Razzaque who pioneered it post 9/11 with the idea of bringing to the mainstream marketplace Islamic women's clothing blending Islamic Art and World Style. They were frustrated with the lack of chic Islamic clothing for women in mainstream stores and tired of having to scour the malls to find coordinated hijab.

"We started out by surveying the marketplace and were flabbergasted to discover how difficult it was to find Islamic clothing for women, in a reasonable price range. So we decided to go direct to the manufacturers and started designing Islamic clothes ourselves." says Asra Razzaque.

Since their debut, the friends have never looked back. They have been written up in the Washington Post, interviewed by NPR and featured on Bridges TV, to name just a few. They see their venture as an outreach effort, popularizing modest fashion among women of all backgrounds.

"We wanted to target not only Muslims but women of all faiths, who have an interest in modest clothing or world style. We wanted to go out there and say: Islam is beautiful, and dressing modestly is cool," says Sarah Ansari.

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