Women's Long Tees, Sweatshirts and Hoodies

Long t shirts are a modest woman's wardrobe staple. But women's long t shirts that are both stylish and comfortable as well as durable, are so hard to find!

Discover the latest in Stylish Modest Muslim T shirts for women, now at Artizara. Browse our extensive selection of fashionable Muslim T-shirts that combine cool Arabic t shirt graphics with a sophisticated flair. If you're looking for the perfect long Islamic T-shirts that are comfortable, durable, and pair with your favorite pair of jeans or slacks, you’ve come to the right place.

Looking for the perfect weekend long graphic t shirt that can be worn around the house or when out around town? You’ll find that here. More interested in a plain long-sleeve shirt to layer for work? We have several stylish options in that category, too. Our trendy collection of Muslim T-shirts represents so much more than a casual apparel option, though. The inspiring graphic art on these tees will bring meaning to your day and add a smile to your face. 

While virtually all of the clothing at Artizara is designed with the modest individual in mind, that doesn’t mean that the clothing has to be boring or simple. In fact, many of our Islamic t-shirts artfully combine both Eastern and Western design inspirations, along with beautiful graphics and color choices, to create a unique look that is both casual and elevated.

Quality is a cornerstone philosophy at Artizara, and our designer Islamic T-shirts are no exception. Most are designed and hand made in California, USA.  Once you feel the baby-soft fabrics and set your eyes on the stunning designs, you’ll probably want an Artizara long t shirt in every color!


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