Are you searching for high-quality artisan Islamic jewelry? Artizara offers many unique styles of Arabic jewelry that’s perfect as a gift for a loved one, or as a treat for you. Our selection of Muslim jewelry is beautifully stylish, from unique Islamic rings to delicate necklaces and Allah jewelry. You’re sure to find your perfect Muslim jewelry to make a sophisticated statement. 

Islamic Rings

If you are looking for the perfect Islamic ring, we have a beautiful selection silver and gold-plated rings at affordable prices. You can make a stylish statement with the Gold-plated Sterling Silver Floating "Allah" Ring, add a pop of colour with one of our Floating Cluster Rings, and display your tradition beautifully with a Hand Engraved Sterling Silver and Gold-plated Subhan Allah "Praise" Ring.

Islamic Necklaces

Artizara carries beautiful Muslim jewelry, like our Islamic necklaces that add a personal touch and subtle style to your collection of every-day jewelry. Our vast collection of necklaces is cultivated with your style and preference in mind, while maintaining a true connection to Islamic heritage and tradition. We carefully select all of our necklaces, such as the Hand Engraved Onyx, Amethyst and Moonstone Evil Eye Necklace, to ensure you will get a truly artistic piece that separates you from the crowd.


Islamic bracelets add some extra fashionable style to your look. A Silk Hand-made Islamic Bracelet is a perfect accessory for a boho chic look when paired with a casual tunic top and beautiful silk scarf. A Black Aqiq and Coral Hand Engraved Islamic Bracelet is an elegant accessory that beautifully represents a rich tradition while fitting perfectly with a long formal Artizara dress.

Islamic Earrings

Artizara’s Islamic earrings are great for everyday use. Each piece is individually hand crafted using centuries old jewelry making traditions so you can be sure that your newest addition to your jewelry collection is only the highest quality. This one-of-a-kind craftsmanship is what separates Artizara from the rest.

Turkish Jewelry

Artizara carries collections of artisan jewelry from Turkey and other parts of the world. We pay close attention to detail when sourcing Turkish designers and artisans so we know each piece in our collection is one that will be cherished for a lifetime. Our Ottoman Seal Earrings, Turkish Tulip Earrings, and Evil Eye Hamsa necklaces are the best quality you can find. Whether you are shopping for yourself, or trying to find a perfect gift for your daughter, mother, or friend, we are confident you will find our Turkish jewelry to be beautiful, fashionable, and timeless.

Arabic Jewelry

Artizara has Arabic jewelry such as dressy statement necklaces, silver and pearl earrings, and rings for formal occasions. Our collection of casual Arabic jewelry and accessories are perfect for every day. Arabic jewelry is often made by artisans in Turkey or Egypt, and many times has inspirational Arabic sayings from the Qur’an and other traditional texts. Alternatively, our jewelry can also simply be something that is unique to the Arab world, such as a statement necklace crafted with gemstones sourced from the Middle East, or designs that are associated with the region.

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