Modern Nomad Photoshoot: Behind The Scenes

12 people, 4 days, 3 locations, 300 miles and countless moments of inspiration. That's what it takes, to bring our vision of the Modern Artizara Nomad to life. 

It begins...

The first day begins with a studio shoot marathon, where we blast through photo (and video) of over 130 looks PLUS new jewelry of our upcoming collections!

 The studio shoot crew poses for a group pic to celebrate the end of Day 1...

But wait...It's only just beginning.

Out to the desert

Day 2, we trek out 100 miles to our first destination: A gorgeous (but very remote) house in Yucca Valley. The last 10 miles are dirt road and yes, with our car full of outfits, accessories, and everything but the kitchen sink...we get stuck! Thank God for our fabulous photographer Robert, who comes to the rescue. We (literally) power our way through the ditch and jump straight into hair and makeup, to make the most of golden hour. We underestimate the Santa Ana winds though, and everything starts blowing away in the 30 mph gusts.

What an adventure!


Starting at sunrise

When you're at a location as breathtakingly beautiful as Yucca Valley, you wake up at sunrise to take in the view ... and take photos with that light!

Our last sunset

Surrounded by absolute stillness in the desert, taking in the stars at night, and befriending some roadrunners, we wrapped up our epic photoshoot at the stunning Joshua Tree National Park. 


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