How to Shop for Abaya Dresses That Are Sure To Fit Your Style

What you wear can say so more about who you are than the words you utter. Clothing, jewelry, shoes, hijabs and head wraps that you select for your wardrobe all make a unified statement about your personal sense of style.

There are so many choices when shopping for abayas these days, from simple denim abayas to stylish formal abaya gowns and designer abayas.  With all the choices, many women are left wondering if there’s an easy way to find abaya dresses that will help others realize more about who they really are and what their personal style really is. Here are some fashion tips we’ve uncovered:

Define Your Style

Though traditionally, most women wore black abayas, many who wear Muslim clothing are now choosing to wear stylish abayas in other colors to express their personal style. In order to figure out more about your own personal style, you may want to look no further than your own closet, jewelry box or wardrobe. By doing this, you will be able to see if you are more attracted to neutral tones or to brighter colors.  Do you see more solids or prints in your collection?  Is gold your main jewelry color, or do silver and bronze show up more frequently?  Are your shoes what some would refer to as safe and sensible, or do you often wear high heels made of exotic printed fabric?  Taking a good long look at what you already own can certainly point you in the right direction when you are considering broadening your style horizon into fashionable abayas.

Look at Your Budget

The next step in this process is just as important as looking in your own clothing collection.  It involves looking at the budget, or what you plan to spend. This will help you decide on where to find abayas on sale, and online shops that you should and should not frequent. While some say that there is no harm in looking at and trying on clothes that you cannot afford to purchase, we do not recommend it, as it may only set you up to be disappointed.  As you search for places to shop, you will find that there are plenty of online resources as well as brick and mortar stores that carry just the style that you have been looking for.

Ask Around

Friends and neighbors who may have also been shopping for Islamic clothing recently are yet another good resource for information. They can often tell you if they have loved a store, the customer service they have received, or if they may have stumbled on a new website that they think you might just enjoy perusing. Alternately, they will also be able to tell you which stores and websites to avoid. The internet is also full of places that you can “ask” when you are searching for new Abayas to match your style.  Sites such as Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter all have groups, photos and pages that may help you narrow down the style you are looking for or the best place to shop.

Follow Fashions

Take time to go beyond simply reading about current fashions and styles and begin following fashion blogs. Social media fashionistas have built their reputation around what looks good, and they're not afraid to share their knowledge with the world. This is a great resource for discovering less traditional abayas like abaya maxi dresses and formal abaya gowns.  By following select Muslim fashion bloggers, you may also get some new ideas about how to creatively wear some of the clothing, jewelry or shoes that are already in your current wardrobe.

Plan Before You Shop

By taking the time to review your current wardrobe, your budget, and get advice from people and sources that you trust, you can bet that your shopping will be a lot more fun and productive. Instead of becoming frustrated by going store to store when nothing seems to work with the look you had in mind, you'll be able to get exactly the right abaya dresses and fantastic accessories that tell the world who you really are.

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