The Sisterhood of the Comfy Pants

Pants Styles

Easily the most under-appreciated wardrobe staple in most of our closets, drawers, laundry piles, etc. - the Pant.

We all have that one pair (or multiple pairs) that we favor. And I bet we can guess the reasons why they are still hanging around in your revolving turnstile of tunic tops, large sweaters, and other layering pieces.


Comfort is easily the number one reason you keep those flowing, or stretchy, pants. They don't let you down. There's no pinching at the waist when you sit, there are no holes or rips. They cover you up and never judge. These pants would be the ones you would happily wear on a daily basis. Some of these styles may include leggings, jeggings, palazzo pants, joggers. Anything with a light fabric, spandex, or stretch material makes these pants easy winners. 



Your ideal pants feel good when you put them on. You could wear them from daytime to evening effortlessly. They are a color that coordinates with almost every top in the closet. Or they stand out in your collective look - a statement piece that makes you feel like you. Some of these styles could include yoga pants (printed ones are a fun option), flowy pants, wide-leg pants, or a tailored pencil pant


No matter your pant style preference, the fit is key. To meet comfort and style, they should also fit your shape as well. High waist, ankle length, office wear, or out to brunch, your pant fit is important. Measure your waist: the area below your rib cage but above your hip bones. Measure your hip: the widest part around your hip bones. Lastly measure your inseam: the length from your inner thigh down to your ankle. Use those three numbers when shopping online to estimate if the pant measurements will fit you. 


Don't forget to do a sit test when trying any pants on. Check to see if there are any gaps in the waistband when you sit or bend. Will it pinch or become too uncomfortable if you sit for long periods of time? Are they length you are comfortable with while wearing low and high shoes.


If you are set on a pair and they aren't quite perfect, find a tailor in your area to take them to for a custom, one-of-a-kind fit just right for you. 

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