Cotton - A Versatile Timeless Fabric

There's a reason the popular slogan "The fabric of our lives" has been associated with cotton for many years. The material itself has been in existence for even longer. We wear cotton, it is in our homes, it really is part of our every day lives. 

Cotton Flower in the light of day

Arab merchants brought cotton cloth to Europe around 800 A.D. When Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492, he found cotton growing in the Bahama Islands. The first evidence of cotton being used was found in Pakistan and India many, many years ago, and has since gained in popularity all over the world. We love to wear it, decorate with it, pass it down for generations.

By 1500, cotton was known generally throughout the world. Cottonseed is believed to have been planted in Florida in 1556 and in Virginia in 1607.

Cotton is timeless. A sign of comfort. A go-to fabric for clothing among other uses. Cotton has been spun much like the stories of its history, told on a cold evening huddled under a throw blanket made from the very fabric. 

Classy Cotton Voile

Hadiza Embroidered Cotton Modest Tunic - Cream

Cotton voile is the lightest of these fabric ranges. Occasionally a bit sheer, but only reinforcing how lightweight any style made from this fabric would feel. We love this fabric for our day to evening styles with embroidery, ideal for warmer weather holidays, and sunny vacations. Cotton voile is so light and lovely, these would be our go-to tunics to pack for our jet setting getaways. 

Hadiza Embroidered Cotton Modest Tunic - White

Designer's Touch - Cotton Poplin

Anan Embroidered Cotton Modest Buttondown Tunic - Lilac

Cotton poplin is a thick, but fine, cotton material that is soft but also strong. In our tunics, this strain of fabric supports intricate embroidery on many of our styles. It also makes comfortable button-down tunics to wear to the office or on a virtual business gathering. 

Shireen Longline Collar Buttondown Dress Shirt - Gray

Everyday Cotton Knits

Noori Loose Cotton Jersey Midi Tunic Dress - Heather Gray

Cotton knits are our top choice for ultimate comfort. On a scale of 1 to 10, cotton knits are as close to a 10 as we can find. Jersey fabrics have a bit of stretch in them making them the best option for tees and relaxed tunics. Breathable yet thick enough to keep modestly covered. Tunics and midis in knits are ideal for long wear, they are durable, and ideal for all ages. Especially if you have a child with specific sensory needs - this type of cotton isn't restricting, or itchy. 

Rumi Quotes Fine Long Sleeve Womens T Shirt - Shine - White/ Multi

Cozy at Home with Cotton Flannels

Amara Long Cotton Plaid Embroidered Tunic Dress - Blue 

One of our favorite ways to wear cotton is in the creation of a cotton tunic. Soft, easy to wear - and wash - fabrics, ideal for staying comfortable at home or dressed up for a night out. Visually, plaids are a popular symbol of comfort and colder weather approaching; a time when we bundle up from the elements and stay warm in our homes. 

Sabeen Long Cotton Plaid Embroidered Tunic Dress - Clay

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