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    About Artizara

    The Artizara Story was founded in 2002 to meet the Islamic and Modest clothing needs of socially conscious women who want to dress stylishly yet modestly.

    The company was founded by two friends, bringing to the mainstream marketplace Islamic and modest women’s fashions inspired by Islamic Heritage and World Style. They were frustrated with the lack of chic modest clothing for women in mainstream stores and tired of having to scour the malls to find coordinated scarves.

    Since their debut, the friends have never looked back. They have been written up in the New York Times and Washington Post, feautured on TV and interviewed by NPR, to name just a few. 

    Believing that a woman's strength and worth lies in her intellect and personality, not in the shape of her body, they see Artizara as an outreach effort, popularizing modest fashion among women of all backgrounds. “Artizara is not just a business but a labor of love. We wanted to connect with and empower women of all backgrounds, who have an interest in modest clothing or world style. We wanted to go out there and say: Islam is beautiful, and dressing modestly is cool". 

    Artizara Muslim Clothing Value

    Artizara's Islamic Clothing for women is designed to provide great value for your money. Our modest tops, hijabs, long skirts and modest dresses are priced very competitively with what you would find (or not find!) at department stores. Compared to other online stores, our Islamic women's clothing offers superior quality, more attractive styling and better value. Add to that the day-to-evening, casual-to-formal versatility of our Islamic women's clothing and you will find that you will be reaching for your Artizara clothes every day, year after year!

    The Artizara Islamic Clothing Vision

    • We envision a world where all people hold their heads high and celebrate their identity.
    • We envision a world where people believe that they are alike in many more ways than they are different.
    • We envision a world where Islamic clothing is the epitome of elegance and "cool".
    • We envision a world where the beauty of Islamic art and culture enriches homes around the world.
    • We will accomplish our vision by pioneering products inspired by the rich artistic heritage of Islam, interpreted in fresh, modern ways.
    • A symphony of East and West, old and new, contemporary and traditional, rustic and refined; Artizara is Modern Islamic Style.