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We love modest long Muslim dresses!

Why? Because they are the simplest answer to your modest dressing challenge. No coordination needed, no need to match tops and bottoms: Just one piece, a modest long muslim dress keeps you covered, comfortable and looking elegant wherever you go about your day. 

Let's face it; ditching pants for a long muslim dress or abaya has its advantages. No tight waistband around your waist, no feeling uncomfortable when you sit at work all day or bend to pray. And did we mention the cool and airy feeling around your legs on a hot day?

The challenge has been though, to find a modest muslim dress or abaya that has long sleeves, a modest neckline and lining on body and sleeves that makes it fully opaque. And let's not forget; it needs to look stylish. This is where all modest dresses are not created equal. When you buy an Artizara long dress we make sure all the above are covered, while making you look more stylish than grandma. Trust us, it's not easy.

 Shopping for a special occasion? Looking for that perfect abaya dress, long caftan, or a Muslim evening dress? Artizara's unique modest formal Muslim dresses and abayas are inspired by the richness of Islamic art, interpreted in rich fabrics, fresh colors, and fine embroidery details to give you a look that is truly unique. 

Artizara Islamic long dresses and hijabi maxi dresses made with uncompromising care in materials like dupioni silk, flowy chiffons and soft knits. Add to that elegant details, like embroidery and you have an Islamic formal dress that adds grace to your look, without compromising modesty.

So whether you are shopping for a special occasion or just want to feel pampered at home, browse our selection of exceptional Muslim modest dresses and abaya and hijab ensembles. You'll be happy you did.

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