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Goldplated Sterling Silver Reversible 99 Names and Kursi Necklace


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Unique reversible sterling silver necklace features a disc suspended within a hammered gold frame. The Ayat al Kursi is engarved on one side and the 99 names of allah on the other. The two tone antique silver and hammered polished gold finishes evoke an Ottoman era artisan jewelry making style. 

Inscribed with the complete Verses of the Throne or Ayat ul Kursi, which is the 255th verse of the second chapter Sural Al Baqara of the Qur"an.

The Ayat al Kursi are one of the most famous verses, widely memorized and displayed in the Islamic world due to its emphatic description of God's power over the entire universe. Islamic religious belief holds that anyone who recites the Ayat al Kursi enters the protection and security of God. Commonly, it is recited by Muslims before they go to sleep.

Allah is the Arabic word Muslims use to refer to God in Islam, it has also been used by Arab Christians since pre-Islamic times. In Islam, the name Allah is the supreme and all-comprehensive divine name, and all other divine names are believed to refer back to Allah, the Omnipotent, the Creator of the Universe. Allah is described with 99 names or Asma al Husna, which are inscribed on the reverse side of this necklace

.  A long double gold/silver chain make this necklace even more special.

  • Measures 1.75 in. diameter excluding clasp
  • Approx 16 gms
  • Includes an 30 in. (76.2 cm.) double (gold & silver) sterling silver chain
  • Beautifully presented in a black custom gift box
  • 92.5 Sterling Silver

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