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What is a Hijab

Hijab is both a concept and an item of clothing. The Arabic word hijab literally means a curtain or cover. In a real life sense Hijab is the practice of veiling or head covering. A Hijab is also the actual garment or headscarf that Muslim women wear as a symbol of identity or a mark of modesty and devotion to their faith. So as a concept Hijab means to veil, or to seclude and refers to the concept of modesty, privacy and morality prescribed in Islam. The concept of modesty or “hijab” applies to both men and women. They are both expected to dress modestly and to “lower their gaze” or not stare at the other purely out of interest. As an item of clothing hijab refers to the veil or head scarf worn by women throughout the Muslim world.

Head covering is not unique to the Islam and Muslims. Christian and Jewish women in some traditions also wear a headscarf as a cultural practice or commitment to modesty or piety. Hijab is also not restricted to women. Many men also wear a hat and dress modestly, observing "hijab". Some women choose to wear a hijab while others do not. But most Muslim women agree that it is a woman’s choice whether or not she wears the hijab.

History of the Hijab

Womens hijabs have taken many forms through history. Veiling first began in Assyria around 13 BC as a practice by "respectable" women . Elite women in ancient Greco-Roman, pre-Islamic Iranian, and Byzantine societies also practiced veiling. It wasn't until the 16th century that the veil emerged as a symbol of social status among Muslims. And since the 19th century Muslims have embraced Islamic hijab as a cultural as well as an Islamic practice and the hijab head scarf became mainstream.

Types of Hijab Today

Hijab: The simplest type of hijab is the common scarf hijab, with a square scarf used as a hijab scarf or hijab head wrap. This is the most common form of hijab practiced by Muslim women living in the West.

Shayla: A rectangular hijab shawl, that's draped around the head and artfully pinned, leaving the face clear.

Turban: A hijab scarf usually rectangular that is wrapped up around the head leaving the neck and face clear.

Khimar: A historical, cape like head scarf that hangs to the back.

Other more covered types of hijabs are the Niqab (face covering) Chador (body cloak, face clear) and the Burqa (full body cloak).

Hijab Fashion

Women wear Hijab for many reasons; because it is prescribed in Islam, as a mark of recognition of their faith, just to be modest, or all of the above. As Muslim women are becoming more and more active in their communities in the spheres of education, work and service, the form of hijab they observe has also evolved. Women are looking for hijab clothing options that are not only modest but also stylish and fashionable.

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