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Our Favorite Abayas for This Summer

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Is your summer wardrobe looking a little tired? Check out our top picks for modern updates to the classic abaya dress that every Muslim woman needs this summer.

If we had to sum up the traditional Abaya dress in one word it would be “versatile.” Abayas are perfectly suited for everyday wear, or they can be worn at a formal event or evening out with ease. Abayas range from basic black or other solid colors to more elaborate dresses adorned with sleek accents and special accessories. If you’re tired of looking at your closet and finding nothing to wear - or nothing that you want to wear, consider adding a fresh look to your wardrobe and upgrading your old wardrobe with a new fashionable abaya. You’ll look great and feel incredible when you add the latest in modest styles to your wardrobe. And, trendy and elegant abayas are available at incredibly low prices when you’re a smart shopper - you just have to know where to look!   Here’s the thing - while you can live life wearing the same old assortment of clothes and accessories, there is something incredible about wearing abayas that fit well and are crafted using the latest in construction techniques. From simple and chic styles to limited edition prints, elegant maxi dresses to luxuriously embroidered formal designs, add modest yet stylish abayas to your clothing collection this summer and you’ll update your look in no time at all. Here are our top picks for today’s modern abaya dresses for the fashionable woman:

  Mariel Formal Hand Beaded Caftan Dress

1. Mariel Formal Hand Beaded Caftan Dress - Graceful, elegant, and delicate, the Mariel formal dress is ideally suited for formal events and special celebrations. You’ll light up the room in this flowing caftan dress that features a metallic linear print accented with hand beading. A chiffon overlay adds dimension and a subtle softness, while the included, coordinating soft chiffon scarf creates a cohesive look that is ideal for summertime formal events. The spaghetti tie belt can be worn for a more fitted look, or leave it off for a flowing profile. The Mariel comes in 152cm (60”) length and features a caramel color that pairs wonderfully with a range of accessories.


2Lily Long Belted Maxi Dress Abaya - When looking for the ideal summertime abaya dress, why not consider the bright, sunny, and cheerful Lily abaya? This loose and flowing summer dress features a multicolor print that will look incredible in any setting, and the flattering princess seams, modest round neckline, and loose sleeves with elastic cuffs artfully combine with the traditional elegant abaya profile to deliver a decidedly modern and light feel. Waist-level pockets and easy-care chiffon construction will make this abaya your go-to dress for virtually all occasions, and the fully-lined construction eliminates the need to layer. Simply add a brightly-colored wrap to add a touch of flair and you’ll be all set for the summer!


3. Marian Lace Accent Maxi Dress - Just because you are looking for a summertime abaya dress doesn’t mean you’re limited to casual pieces. In fact, the Marian lace accent formal maxi dress is drenched in feminine style and features several stunning features that combine to create one unforgettable abaya. This beautifully-shaped maxi dress is accented by a lace overlay bodice that creates a striking counterpoint to the solid color top section and soft chiffon skirt. The lace panel is contemporary, regal, bold and elegant, and adds a stylish look that is perfect for formal events, evening celebrations, or simply when you feel like dressing for success. The dress also features lined sleeves, functional mother of pearl buttons, and a rear invisible zipper. An included, coordinating soft chiffon scarf completes the ensemble and adds a touch of restrained elegance to the overall look. Elegance meets summer style in this mesmerizing abaya dress.


4.Noor Embroidered Formal Maxi Dress - Summer is a time of year characterized by bright days and plenty of natural light, so it is fitting that this elegant abaya is called the “Noor” - literally the Arabic word for light. This formal dress will enable you to light up a room at an upcoming formal event or special celebration, and it features a bold, striking design and a sweeping silhouette that will captivate everyone around you. The modest, rounded V-neckline combines with a flared bottom and defined waist to create an inspired profile, while the faux dupioni construction is restrained yet fashionable. A coordinating chiffon scarp is included with the dress to create a cohesive look and a modest appearance.


5.AARA Stylish Everyday Maxi Dress- Feeling great and looking incredible this summer doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort or a relaxed feeling. Instead, consider the sky blue AARA everyday maxi dress and you’ll instantly shift into a summertime spirit that encourages good times with your favorite people. This dress is constructed of refined yet easy to manage, non-sheer textured fabric that offers a bit of stretch yet won’t cling. You’ll look great all day long and the simple silhouette can be easily accented with a belt or other subtle accessories to change up the overall look.  The AARA maxi dress is machine washable, constructed in California, and is an exclusive design that will become your must-have modest dress for the summertime months.If you want to look great and feel amazing this summer, all without sacrificing comfort or blowing your budget, consider a summertime abaya dress from Artizara. Here, you’ll find trendy, top quality Islamic clothing for women, men, and children, all backed by a “100% satisfaction or your money back” guarantee. Modest clothing from Artizara redefines what it means to dress in traditional Arabic garb. With the latest in designer styles and a focus on quality and durability, you’ll find fashion-forward pieces that are elegant, modest, and affordable. Shop today and feel amazing this summer!


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