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Design Your Artizara Contest!

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Help us design our Spring/Summer line with the Design Your Artizara contest! You’ve been given three fabric choices in the picture provided, (image can be found in the image gallery under "Design your Artizara") shirt weight denim, lightweight cotton, and chiffon, in various colors. Using those fabrics as a starting point, we want YOU to design a tunic, gown, and skirt to be featured in our Spring/Summer collection. Create somet...hing with flair! Something that’s you, because that’s what this contest is all about! You! Rules: 1.) You can design any one item (tunic, gown, or skirt), or all three if you like! You can submit as many styles as you like, but try to do one of each just for variety purposes ;-) 2.) You can draw out and scan, create in Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or however is best for YOU to create your design. Just be sure to save them as JPG or PDF in a reasonable file size (no 75MB TIFF images please) ;-) 3.) Send the files to Your entries will be kept super top secret to make sure it’s fair to everyone. 4.) All work must be original pieces. No copying! It’s great to be inspired by what’s around you, but there’s a fine line between inspiration and copying. We at Artizara take pride in our original designs, so please help us maintain that by keeping the designs you submit original as well. 5.) Designs must be modest, in keeping with the Artizara's brand identity (e.g. Long sleeves, modest neckline, covering the hips, etc.) 6.) All styles must be submitted by October 7th Winners: We will pick one winner from each category (tunic, gown, and skirt). The winners will each get their style produced by Artizara to be featured in our Spring/Summer line. Winners will also each receive the style they designed in their desired size, get to name the garment, and take credit as the designer. The winning styles will be posted here on the blog and on facebook, along with a few honorable mentions :-) Disclaimer: Artizara reserves the right to modify the designs chosen to meet certain production criteria(any changes will be minimal, we promise). We must also approve the names before we will apply them to the winning styles (no bad words for names, people! LoL!) :-) We’re looking forward to see what budding designers are among our fans! Good luck!


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