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    Islamic Long Tunic Tops & Tunic Dresses

    At Artizara, we bring you a distinctively designed collection of versatile Islamic Long Tunic Tops and Tunic Dresses that transition effortlessly from casual to formal settings. From lounging at home to business lunches, from the gym to school to a night about town, an elegant Islamic top will have you covered in any situation.  Wear your long tunic top with jeans for a weekend at home, pair with slacks for an afternoon with friends and top with a blazer for work. Add some sparkly jewelry and a silk scarf and your Islamic long top fits right in, at a formal occasion.

    In everyday terms, an Islamic long tunic top is just a modest long shirt with full sleeves.  An Artizara long Islamic tunic's loose fitting silhouette flatters just about any figure, elegantly covering, so what shines through is not your curves, but your personality.

    At Artizara, we design most all our Islamic long tunic tops in house with the Artizara label, so what you get is truly unique; and completely different from what your friends can find in all the department stores.  We don’t skimp on fabric, which means our tunics are not form fitting, have sleeves, are long enough to cover your hips and are lined if necessary, so you don’t have to wear that extra tank top layer underneath (or wear uncomfortable tight fitting pants).  We try to use easy care fabrics in our tunic tops, and add special touches like romantic ruffles, pinch pleats, beading and embroidery to create a garment that’s special, and gives you that “well-traveled” boho chic look.

    Our talented designers think out-of-the-box when dreaming up our latest Islamic long tunic top collections. Along with the classic straight tunic or shift silhouette, we’ve added the Tunic Dress, which is a cross between a long tunic and mini dress. A fresher and more trendy look, a tunic dress has all the comfort and coverage advantages of a tunic or kurti, with a bit more waist definition and a more updated flared or gathered skirt.

    An Artizara Islamic long tunic top or tunic dress brings freedom, ease and elegance to your style. So whether your look is dressed up classic, urban casual, or boho chic, an Artizara  long tunic top or tunic dress will give you seasons of effortless wear!