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Fun Gifts under $50

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  1. Solid Pink Hijab Wrap Scarf

    Essential Non-slip Crinkle Woven Scarf - Blush

    Beautiful solid pink wrap scarf woven to perfection. Medium weight, viscose fabric that is very soft on the skin. Cool, not slippery and drapes beautifully. Generously sized, with fringed ends, so you can wear this in so many different ways.

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  2. Hand Tied Ombre Silk Wrap - Mauve to Purple

    Hand Tied Ombre Silk Wrap - Mauve to Purple

    Exquisite, hand-tied silk wrap hijab made by Indian artisans. Ombre silk that shades from mauve to purple is tied by hand and accented with russett yarn, creaing a lovely lacy pattern. 3 in. (7.5 cm.) fringe on short ends. This scarf has a lacy weave and can be wrapped twice or with an under cap for full hair coverage. Learn More
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Gift-giving is a way to express appreciation, gratitude and love towards another. Gift-giving has always been a strong and meaningful practice in Islam. Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W) encouraged Muslims to both give and receive gifts, and to accept gifts graciously, even if they are very simple and humble

For Muslims, gifts are a wonderful way to express their identity and to share their love for their heritage with others, through uniquely Islamic gifts.

Here are some cool Islamic gift ideas suitable for a wide range of people in your life, both guys and girls. Priced affordably, and packaged beautifully, these fun gifts will be a pleasure to give as well as receive!

Casual and fun, these gifts are great for:

Eid gifts
Bridesmaids gifts
Casual yet fun Business Gifts