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    1. Yellow Washed Cotton Womens Newsboy Hat

      Yellow Washed Cotton Womens Newsboy Hat

      Simple and sweet newsboy hat covers your hair in comfort with a roomy interior and an elastic back panel. Comfortable washed cotton with topstiching in self color and and single button detail. Small visor protects your face from the sun. One generous size, great hair coverage. Flower clip sold separately, not included

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    2. Large Yellow Flower Hair Clip with Crystal Center

      Large Yellow Flower Hair Clip with Crystal Center

      Large Flower Clip is a pretty accessory for your hats, hijabs, hair, clothes or wherever you want a sweet and colorful accent. Shaded poly silk petals layered with shimmery tulle petals and a sparkly faceted crystal center. Spring clip at the back makes it easy to attach the clip to just about anything. Learn More

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    What is Hijab, what are Hijabs and what is Hijab Fashion?

    Hijab is a broad concept that refers to the idea of modesty in Islam. The term hijab in Arabic means a ‘screen’ or ‘partition’ but in everyday use, the word hijab has come to mean anything from the general idea of modesty as it pertains to Muslim women, to the actual headscarf that is worn by observing Muslim women as an emblem of their faith. A Muslim woman who dresses modestly and covers her hair is said to “observe hijab” or “practice hijab” and also referred to as a “mohajaba” or “hijabi”.

    Hijabs (plural) always refers to the the Muslim headscarf . Muslim hijabs have over the centuries evolved and changed depending on many ethnic, cultural, geographic and socioeconomic factors such as who is the person wearing the hijab, where in the world the hijab is worn etc. The practice of wearing the Islamic hijab by a large number of Muslim women has resulted in the evolution of many different hijab styles with an established and thriving industry now devoted to hijab fashion.

    There are many popular hijab styles in the Islamic hijab world. Let’s start with the most tailored and most convenient option (but not necessarily the most fashionable), called the Al Amira hijab. This type of Muslim hijab is sewn and pulled on over the head, is commonly made of a stretch material and can be a one piece or 2 piece Al Amira hijab. 2 piece al Amira hijabs consist of a separate underscarf that covers the hairline and keeps any hair from showing and a top piece called a buknuk that covers the head shoulders and chest.  The 1 pc Al Amira is similar but the underscarf and buknuk are sewn together into one hijab that you pull over your head. Since it stays in place without pins, the al Amira is suitable for the hijabi who wants a no-fuss full coverage option, and also for students and women who are physically active and play sports.

    The simplest muslim hijab option is the oblong scarf called the Shayla hijab. This is basically a simple rectangle hijab that is generously sized so the wearer (called the hijabi) can wrap it around her head in any way she wishes. Shayla hijabs probably require the most creativity but also can look the most fashionable, because there are just so many different ways you can wrap your Shayla hijabs. Shayla hijabs also give the hijabi the opportunity to accessorize her hijab with pretty hijab pins and even hijab flowers, for a pretty, feminine, more dressed up look.

    For hijabis who prefer the look of the Shayla hijabs but like a hijab that offers full coverage and don’t want to spend as much time styling their hijabs, there is the in- between option, the Mona hijab. This has a tailored under cap with an attached oblong Shayla hijab. Just slip the cap on for hair coverage, and then drape your attached Shayla, and voila, you’re ready.

    Like square hijabs? Then check out Turkish square hijab styles. Also more fashionable, Turkish square hijab styles are often worn with the hair formed into a high bun or pony, and with the hijab peaked at the forehead and a headband underneath to cover the hairline. This gives the hijabi a more couture look with added height and looks graceful especially with professional and career wear.

    For a variety of muslim hijabs and hijabs online, explore the unique range of hijab fashion at Artizara. We have a handpicked selection of beautifully fashionable shaylas and square hijabs in a variety of colors and fabrics. Whether you like solids or stripes, textures or interesting weaves, we have you covered in so many creative ways. Want a complete outfit, and not the fashionista type who mix-n-matches hijab styles?  Here’s the best part, we’re the only company that carries hijabs online that are dyed to match our wide selection of Islamic clothing for women! Take the guesswork out of hijabs and hijab fashion. With so many hijab styles to choose from, you need look no further than hijabs online from Artizara!